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Helping busy working moms redesign their lives, spaces, and environment to thrive in life with purpose!

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Virtual Design
Simple, affordable interior design done for you all online. Perfect if you want designer expertise and guidance but don’t mind managing and implementing your own design
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Your Designed Life
It’s your life Momma, so Why not Design it! Stop the overwhelm, stagnation, confusion and create balance, better function, and flow at home. Start harmonizing yourself, your home, and your environment today.
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YDL Wellness Coaching
Join Your Designed Life Wellness coaching program to rediscover you, heal and overcome, and redesign your life to look good, live well and function better in perfect harmony
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Join us to learn more about The Emotion Lead Design technique, the art of using colors, emotional, and psychology principles to redesign your space and environment. We offer in-person and virtual workshops
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Hello! I’m Bridgette
Interior Designer and Wellness Coach
Stop feeling sick, stagnant, confused, and overwhelm and Re-Design Your Life and spaces to look good, feel great, and function better. My passion is to empower and equip you with the knowledge, guidance, and simplicity to live well, build harmony in life and help you live out Your Designed Life. It’s Your life momma, so why not design it!
Our Process is Simple
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Heal the things that keep you stuck and stagnant and that no longer serve you.

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Build harmony within yourself, your life, and your environment and thrive!

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Transform You, your life, and spaces with intention and great purpose.

Family Design Rescue

Could you use a clear vision or blue print for your family and learn how to transform your environment so that it looks, feels, and functions better.

The Family Design Rescue is just for you.  We spend a dedicated half of day identifying and fixing the most critical challenge that is costing you your sanity and freedom.

Family Life Design Architecture

Family Life Design Architecture is foundational coaching for individuals and families who want to hone their skills in family and life design to build better family dynamics, systems, and routines customized to your individual needs. 

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Irving, TX

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