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Hey Momma, I’m so glad you landed here! I have a passion for teaching Boss Moms like you that work from home how to redesign their lives and home to live well and function better. My goal is to teach you how to live YOUR DESIGNED LIFE with purpose.

I help Boss moms who are already juggling it all, do it ALL more efficiently. I’ve worked with hundreds of moms, families creating interior designs, providing family design coaching and wellness.  Helping them overcome overwhelm, identify interior imbalances while helping them achieve balance and harmony in all areas of their lives.

I’ve overcome my obstacles of mommy guilt, balancing work/home life, and inconsistent routines.

I’m ready to help you manage it all and redesign your life and spaces. I would love the chance to help you thrive in harmony and see you live YOUR DESIGNED LIFE!

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Virtual Design

Simple, affordable interior design done for you all online.

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Your Designed Life

Start harmonizing yourself, your home, and your environment today.

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Join us to learn more about The Emotion Lead Design technique, the art of using colors, emotional, and psychology principles to redesign your space and environment.

Been there done that…

Being the strong one of the family, the one that everyone always calls on when they’re in need.

You look good, always dressed to impress in public, PTA member, baseball mom, homeschool teacher, the mom who plans the neighborhood HOA gatherings.

Your house looks put together all the time, in all the common areas, but you dare not to open a cabinet or closet door when guests are around.

Still overcommitting yourself to family, friends, your side business, you stay running around, multi-tasking is the only way you know how to survive. (Laundry, school work, cooking dinner, and tending to your spouse and the family pet) You’re the leading act of your own circus.

You have this distorted view of being perfect, productive, and purposeful so that drives you to keep up this charade day after day year after year. 

You’re so good at it that you have convinced yourself and your family that you and the world around you are happy and thriving…until life like you knew it changes around you forever.

So, what’s next! Are you ready to get off of that hamster wheel and thrive?


1 On 1 Coaching with Bridgette Pridgen

Life, Health, Career

Start Shaping Your New Life Today

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Fort Worth, TX

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